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READ the review published in THE WHEATON LEADER/GLEN ELLYN NEWS (9/30/04). Click here.

"I was really digging it! It's very beautiful and incredibly moving!"--Jeff Abramson, Film Division, GenArt, New York City, NY

"It doesn't surprise me that THE PAWN is doing well around the world. It's a great concept and outstanding filmmaking!"--Sejong Park, Oscar nominee (2005), Best Short Animation, Sydney, Australia

"I love your films, Dawn, and the messages of humanity you communicate with them. Keep up the great work!"--J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling celebrity biographer, Los Angeles, CA

We just watched THE PAWN. Beautifully filmed and great concept.....the metaphor of the pawnshop works very well...I love what you've done with the surreal quality of the film, it sizzles. It's my favorite to date. Congratulations!"--Lucinda Luvaas, artist/filmmaker, San Jacinto , CA

" I saw your film THE PAWN and I really liked it...I liked the atmosphere, and the fact that you can really "feel" what this woman feels, all her pain...I also liked the fact that everything is suggested, that there isn't a lot of dialogue, it makes the atmosphere heavier..."--Maud Bonassi, Premium Films, Paris, France

“I am very pleased to see THE PAWN. It is a very exciting film!”--Hiroshi Shinomiya, award-winning director, “God's Children”, Tokyo, Japan

"Dawn, you are not only a great filmmaker. We truly enjoyed your acting!"--Tomas Rosander, Swedish Counsel General to Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

"This film is very moving...especially since another journalist was killed in Iraq yesterday."--Hal Bernstein, multiple-Emmy Award-winning cameraman, WMAQ-TV, Chicago, IL

"This film succeeds in telling a universal tragedy from inside a personal nightmare with photography that is consumingly disturbing."--Concorto 2005 Jury, after awarding THE PAWN the Best Cinematography Prize in August 2005, Pontenure, Italy

"It's a great short film. All the luck you and the Moser Boys deserve. You all have bright futures."--Greg Segal, director, Home Film Festival, New York City, NY

"I really enjoyed viewing your film, THE PAWN. It is a deeply moving and powerful film (and very personal)." --Patrick Schweiss, director, Sedona Int'l Film Festival, Sedona, AZ

"I want to watch this film again, and again, and again! The production design is incredible. It's right up there with Fellini and Godard! Congratulations!!"--Gloria Schor Andersen, candidate for U.S. Congress (Nov. 2004), Illinois

"Ho visto THE PAWN. Mi è piacuto molto!!! Tu sei molto brava, ma già lo sapevo. Belle anche le immagini per essere in video... non male come fotografia... La PANASONIC è una bella telecamera. Mi sono piaciute anche le musiche."--Massimo Coglitore, award-winning director, Messina, Italy

"Ho visto il corto che mi hai spedito e mi è piaciuto molto e per meglio interpretare il vostro pensiero l'ho visto piu volte......e ogni volta un aspetto diverso affascinante.Devo dirti che incute molto timore e appassiona chi lo vede."--Laura Maiella, Orafo, Fano, Italy

You do such thought-provoking work! I thought it was really good. I especially liked the lighting and the editing. Congrats!” --Don Moseley, award-winning producer, Marin Corp Productions & WMAQ-TV (NBC-Chicago), Chicago, IL

"Ho visto il dvd del tuo ultimo film corto: COMPLIMENTI! veramente emozionante, soprattutto la tua interpretazione e la colonna sonora musicale. Bella anche la regia dei Moser Brothers...avrà sicuramente un grande successo visto il tema trattato."--Peter "Efisio" Marcias, award-winning filmmaker, Pirri, Sardegna







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