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“This is an awesome film. Very interesting and nuanced and beautifully filmed. The whole thing has a brilliantly colorful storybook sheen to it, which makes the story all the more ironic and sad. All the performances are terrific. You can feel it all so viscerally. Congratulations on another stunning film, Dawn.”--J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling author of celebrity biographies (Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, and 15 others), Encino, CA, USA


"'The Catalyst' shows the growing technical polish of your work, and is a gutsy project for an actress. The character you portray is the least sympathetic of the ensemble, and the ending is a harrowing personal expression. You continue to extend your artistic reach."--James Hall, Director, Gold Lion Film Festival, Manzini, Swaziland

“I just saw ‘The Catalyst’, and it’s magnificent. Keep up this kind of work, Dawn.”--Txema Muñoz, Kimuak Programmer, Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain


"I just watched 'The Catalyst' and really enjoyed it! The acting was super solid and the ending was really powerful. I really enjoyed your storytelling and the progression of the characters. Nice work!!!"--Jeff Chiba Stearns, animator/director, Meditating Bunny Films, (2009 Clermont-Ferrand Audience Award winner for "Yellow Sticky Notes"), Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I am pleased to let you know that you’re a finalist in the Amori in Corto Film Festival. You are not only a marvelous director but a great actress!”--Alessandra D’Egidio, Amori in Corto Film Festival, Terni, Italy

“'The Catalyst' has a wonderful humor, and I loved David Razowsky, who was both funny and deep. I also loved your performance. I can't imagine how it is possible to direct and act at the same time...I really saw the joy of filmmaking and easiness in your film. It's playful and shows your love for your other actors. My congratulations!"--Evi Goldbrunner, director, "I Don't Feel Like Dancing", Potsdam, Germany