"'Project Ion' is very well done, and you look and act great. The guy (David Razowsky) is a real writer, isn't he? And, what a location to shoot!"--Veton Nurkollari, director, Dokufest Film Festival, Prizren, Kosovo

"'Project Ion' is really impressive. I liked it a lot. You are a true artist, Dawn. I really like how uncomfortable all your films make the viewer. You can't just passively watch them. They make the viewer establish a relationship with them. I really like what you do. Keep it up!"--Txema Munoz, director of KIMUAK, Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain

"Thank you for sending me your movie. I especially liked the line, 'You live in a dojo?'. Give my best to David (Razowsky)."--David Sedaris, best-selling author/playwright/NPR commentator, Paris, France

"'Project Ion' looks great. Such stunning cinematography! You (Dawn Westlake) and HE (David Razowsky) were wonderful throughout. Congratulations on this truly magnificent film!"--J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling author of celebrity biographies, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for another stylish film. We're all impressed with 'Project Ion' and how you are maintaining the quality and imagination of your work over the years."--James Hall, Director, Gold Lion Film Festival, Mbabane, Swaziland

"I watched 'Project Ion', and I loved it. I love how you deal with the hidden 'self' in your characters. The edit and music were excellent, too."--Hossein Fazeli, award-winning film director, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I saw 'Project Ion' and found it very interesting. I enjoyed the way you took the intermingling between fiction and reality to the screen."--Delphine Agut, programmer, Paris Cinema, Paris, France

"Ho trovato il tuo film mooolto interessante! E bello vedere come sei riuscita a creare un incastro nella narrazione ( e poi nel sapiente montaggio) per costruire la storia di una nevrosi molto ben raccontata. Grandi anche i Moser Brothers che hanno creato per questo PROJECT ION una fotografia secondo me particolarmente efficace, un pò "patinata", come patinato è il mondo dove vivono i due protagonisti. E tu sei sempre brava da attrice! E anche il protagonista ha fornito una bella prova!"--Claudia Praolini, director, Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure, Italy (Translation: "I found your film verrrry interesting! It's great to see how you were able to create a double-jointed world inside the narration (and through sage editing) to construct the well-told tale of a neurotic. The Moser Brothers are wonderful in creating a very effective cinematography which put a "patina" on everything, just like the world in which the protagonists live. And, you're always great as an actress! Your leading man also did a great job!")

"Project Ion. Possibly my new personal favorite of all your films! (And very remarkable acting by David Razowsky, too, by the way...) I really enjoyed the film. Watched it twice! Brava!"--Francesco Uboldi, award-winning director/DP, Saronno, Italy

"'Project Ion' is an official selection that stands up well and is a good sight better than the soulless commercial crap that usually plays in mainstream Chinese theaters."--Peter Sallade, director, New Beijing Film Festival, Beijing, China

"'Project Ion e un film intrigante, coinvolgente, un po' cinico e a volte irriverente, ma anche, soprattutto, ironico e divertente...Ineccepibile del punto di vista tecnico (montaggio, fotografia, musica) , e come sempre, strepitosa e splendida la tua divertita interpretazione!"--Fiorangelo Pucci, director, Fano International Film Festival, Fano, Italy (Translation: "Project Ion is an intriguing, involving film, which is a bit cynical and at times irreverent, but most of all, it's fun and ironic. It's technically perfect (editing, cinematography, music), and as always, your acting is awesome and splendidly entertaining!")

"I liked 'Project Ion' a lot! It was interesting to analyze the feeling it gave me of being upside-down. You have put a lot into this story with very few words. Everything is related to everything else...like a net. It's so different from anything I've ever seen before!"--Clotilde Couturier, Silhouette Film Festival, Paris, France

"This short film challenges the traditional narrative style to create its own unique film."--The Black Bear Film Festival Film Salon catalog, Milford, PA, October 2009

"Thank you so much for participating in our festival and for your courtesy and sweetness during the Q&As with our audiences. Also, thanks for speaking such magnificent Italian!"--Domenico Farina, Kimera Film Festival, Termoli, Italy