A breakdancer breaks...literally.


When one takes an ill-advised leap of faith into the void, the body breaks. It takes a pooling of the deepest resources of the spirit to reconstruct the man.

Production dates: August 3-October 16, 2018

Running time: 4:05

Hardware: Canon6D, DJI Mavic Pro, SonyA7Sii, Traditional Watercolors and Paper

Software: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, FlipaClip, Photoshop, LayerPaint HD, Sketchbook Pro

Shot on location in: Castellnou, Spain

Formats available: All digital files, DCP, DVD

Director’s Note:

I conceived of POOLING in 2015, as a vehicle to collaborate with my godson, Markitus (Marc Carrizo Villaroig), an international breakdance champion and member of the prestigious Barcelona-based (but globe-trotting) urban dance troupe, Brodas Bros. I also wanted to work with his older brother, Pol Carrizo Vilarroig, a DP/Editor with Imatge Barcelona. Due to scheduling conflicts, the three of us were not able to make the film until 2018. (I did make three different films with Pol in Chicago, Los Angeles and Barcelona in 2015, 2016 and 2017, in the meantime.)

To be very honest, I first conceived of the film about a human being who literally takes a leap, endures a hard fall, breaks and puts himself back together as a symbolic reflection of a bad break-up in the marriage of very close friends who’d met in the world of competitive swimming in Barcelona in the 1980s. One partner changed so radically that I doubted I ever knew him, and a few years later, the other partner died very young of lung cancer. However, despite that break-up and early death, complete with “flying parts”, I did see that some very solid things came out of a hard situation. Frankly, my collaborators are most likely having such triumphant career success at such early ages because they were forced to be serious, innovative and self-reliant as teenagers. Yes, Marc & Pol are the incredibly talented, compassionate and very “put-together” offspring of my best friends who broke up. That was my original idea behind the film for 2015.

Making this film as an American in 2018, however, inspires a brand new Director’s Note. My country seems to be enduring a soft coup by a foreign adversary that installed a puppet to “govern” us. This foreign power didn’t have to fire a shot. Too many of my fellow citizens were very easily fooled and/or brainwashed into distrusting our institutions. Too many had become apathetic about voting. Too many hadn’t had access to solid public education, so they didn’t understand or respect our Constitution. Too many were so overwhelmed by economic, medical and social challenges that they became addicted to prescription opioids and street drugs which made them incapable of basic reasoning. Like our protagonist, they came to ‘the pool’ of participation in American civil, political and cultural society with a background that wasn’t fully formed, and it made them weak and colorless. They trusted that they could take a strange leap away from the heights of the American platform and that the water below would support them…but their lack of understanding of the properties in the environment around them made their fall fast, hard, and seemingly irreparable. And yet…

As the creator of POOLING, I refuse to let this still unfolding story about the attack on America Democracy end in pieces. So, my Fallen Man has his colors restored immediately…upon impact…and although it takes great effort, he finds his scattered parts… and he puts himself back together. Realizing that he can make everything work in concert once again, he gratefully celebrates to the point of becoming pure energy and light. This is my hope for all democracies currently under attack by destabilizing forces from without, or within, their own pool.

Dawn Westlake, Los Angeles, August 2018

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