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Cinespace, Hollywood, CA, March 2003

UnAmerican Film Festival, Syracuse, NY, March 2003

The Yard, Santa Monica, CA, May 2003

Shorts-Welcome, Munich, Germany, June-December 2003

HOWL! Film Festival, NYC, August  2003

Fano International Film Festival, Fano, Italy, October 2003, SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

Euroshorts 2003, Warsaw, Poland, November 2003

Women in Films, Singapore, November 2003

Ankara International Film Fest, Ankara, Turkey, December 2003

The Portobello Film Festival, London, U.K., December 2003

Euroshorts 2004, tour of Poland (thirteen cities), January-March 2004

DiGit Exposition, Delaware Valley, PA, April 2004, BEST NARRATIVE FILM

Prima Aziz, Palermo, Italy, April 2004

Arlene's Grocery Film Festival, NYC, April 2004, NOMINATED for BEST NARRATIVE SHORT

Tarfest on the Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, CA, June 2004

The Portobello Film Festival, StoptheWar! sidebar, London, U.K., August 2004

Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2004

Apple's Soho Theatre, NYC, September 2004

West Chester Film Festival, West Chester, PA, October 2004

Tela Viva Movel Expo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 2005

Plymouth Independent Film Festival, Plymouth, MA, July 2005

Oxford Int'l Festival of Films, Oxford, U.K., May 2006

Portobello Film Festival, London , U.K. , August 2007 (part of Dawn Westlake retrospective)



Comments from "Civvies"

”I watched Thoroughly Modern Mili last night while brushing my teeth. Very enjoyable. It’s very funny stuff.”—Larry David, HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (and co-creator of “Seinfeld”),
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for your kind gift of Thoroughly Modern Mili. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in including me in the credits. You have my best wishes.”—Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States, New York, NY

"Loved it! Wow! This is really good!" –Don Moseley, producer, and Carol Marin, reporter, WMAQ-TV (NBC), Chicago, IL

“This morning ( May 7, 2004 ), famous Polish TV reporter, Waldemar Milewicz, was killed in Iraq . The news was absolutely shocking for the TV viewers who loved his reports. This situation gave the people an example of what this war really is. And, it reminded me of your "Mili" and the importance of its subject.” Przemek, director of Euroshorts Film Festival, Warsaw , Poland

“Thoroughly Modern Mili is big fun! Just what I/we need as we go about living our “life during wartime”.  Westlake is terrific in it, as is the rest of the cast. I’m amazed that something as complex and polished as this could be put together in such a short time.” –Mike Miller, Comic Relief, Los Angeles, CA

"I loved the film! It was really creative, timely and Westlake is a fabulous actress. It somewhat reminded me of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ in that it was very much a writer/director/actor creating a fictional story and performance, in some way related to their own lives…there was also a lot of great art direction and camera work, and the effects (by the Moser Bros.) were a nice addition as well."—Evan Friedman, Tapelist, New York, NY

“The cast’s performances were humorous. The graphics and animation were first-rate. The love letter at the end was sweet.”—Kristos, Ashland International Film Festival, Ashland, OR

 “This is fantastic! A very good comedy addressing the military ambitions of the USA.”—Dirk Plechinger, Tiscali Homecinema, Munich, Germany

“Congratulations! Even thinking of a script like this shows me that you are brave enough to view the world with your own eyes.”—Emrah Suat Onat, Izmir Kisa Film, Izmir, Turkey

“I about fell out of my chair when I first screened MILI. It’s wickedly funny. The audience at the Women in Films Festival also liked it A LOT!”—Zhang Wenjie, The Substation, Singapore


“I really think that you are a fantastic filmmaker! Congratulations!”—Carol Bidault, Exec. Dir. & Founder, DC Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC



"We are showing MILI during our regional screenings of Euroshorts in Poland, and the viewers really like it. I hope you'll submit your new film for 2004."

--Przemek, Fundacja Mlodego Kina, Warsaw, Poland



"Our jury was in stitches during this film. You make a lot of points very entertainingly. Continue the great work!"--Pat Carullo, Delaware Valley Arts Council





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