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Cast and Crew/Mili-Teri Personnel

Directed by Richard Berman & Dawn Westlake
Written/produced by Dawn Westlake
Director of Photography: Richard Berman
Edited by the Moser Brothers

Milicent-Therese (Mili-Teri)….Dawn
Leisle………..…………………………….Sam English
Dean Iderathernot……..….…………Les Brewer
Saddam Hussein’s Double………...….Jake Ethan
Osama B. Laden
………..…………………Sam Ambler
Col. Michel de la Petit Mort........…Dan MacCannell

FuBar dancers:
Johnny Cross
Aaron Nelms
Joshua MacDonald
Billy Francesca
Drunk Guy @ FuBar…………………Erik Slaven

Johnny Cross
Erik Slaven
Jake Wachtel

B.B.S. logo/Chyrons by The Moser Brothers
Artwork by Ed Rubin

Dawn Westlake
This is Dawn’s third short under her Ron de Caña Productions banner. Her first film, MINI DRIVER PROJECT, made in
Portugal in 2000, has won 8 international prizes and played in over 70 venues worldwide. In April 2002, it played 3x per week on the jumbo-tron in Times Square. Her second film, DOTTIE: THE LITTLE GIRL WITH THE BIG VOICE ©2002, was her first foray into animation. It won the Grand Prix for Animation at the Kinder Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan; Best Digital Animation Award at the Downstream Film Fest in Georgia; the Romania Broadcasters Award in Bucharest, Romania,  and  Special Jury Prizes at the Fano International Film Fest in Fano, Italy, the Festival Internacional de Biarritz, France and the Reel Women's Fest in LA, along with the audience award at Divercine in Montevideo, Uruguay. Westlake's fourth film, the short doc A LIFE OF DEATH, has won awards in DC, NYC, LA, Iowa City, Boulder, and Fano, Italy, and was nominated for the Taipei Golden Horse. Her latest film, THE PAWN (c)2004, has won 8 awards, including a prestigious jury prize from JVC in Tokyo, Japan. Westlake was named a Platinum Filmmaker by CANON USA at DV Expo/West in Dec. 2002.

Richard Berman
Co-Director/Director of Photography

Richard was born in
South Africa and immigrated to Texas with his family in 1984. After getting his degree in film at The University of Texas at Austin, Richard moved to Los Angeles to pursue his directing and producing career. Richard has worked with such people as Academy Award winning Production Designer Ken Adam, Directors Norman Jewison, Edward Zwick, Barry Sonnenfeld, Sam Raimi, Michael Bay, Janusz Kaminski and Executive Producers Dan Melnick, Lynda Obst, Patrick Markey and Barry Waldman. Richard is also an accomplished still photographer, working in color landscapes, black and white, photojournalism and celebrity portraits. He has photographed such household names as Elton John, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Sheryl Crow, Shaquille O’Neal, Nelly, BoysIIMen, Shaggy, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, just to name a few. Richard has also captured images from over 27 countries. Richard’s most recent directorial effort, Fire Within, is a feature-length documentary filmed in Spain and Israel, tackling the issue of co-existence between Jews and Arabs in Israel through the eyes of the teenagers living it. The film premiered at the prestigious AFI Film Festival at the Arclight Theatre in Los Angeles in Nov. 2003 and received a rave review in VARIETY.

The Moser Brothers
Editors/Graphic Designers

Thomas and Joel Moser have been making films since they shared a bedroom in the small town of
Moultrie, GA. They first collaborated with Dawn Westlake as animation directors on her DOTTIE: THE LITTLE GIRL WITH THE BIG VOICE. Since then, they’ve been named "Filmmakers to Watch" by ifilm.com for their celebrated live-action short The Fountain, and they won awards in three categories for The Pitch, a short produced through the prestigious 48Hr Film Project. As animators, they have worked for "Camp Chaos"/"Ill-ustrated" (VH-1) and "Bad Vlad" (Revolution Studios). They directed Dawn Westlake's latest film, THE PAWN, for which they won Directors' Awards in NYC and in a cellular film festival, along with a Best Cinematography prize from a festival in Italyl. Visit their website at http://www.moserbrothers.com

Sam English

Sam began his career at age 7 in the children’s choir "Let’s Celebrate", directed by Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Cindy Jordan. He attended Texas A&M where he was a member of the Singing Cadets with whom he did 177 concerts worldwide. He has performed for President and Mrs. George Herbert Walker Bush and Princes William and Harry of England. In 2001, he won the "Best Young Adult Actor" award from the IMTA which inspired his move to
Hollywood from Texas. Since making his theatrical debut in this film, Sam can currently be seen in national TV spots and print ads for Acuvue Contact Lenses.

Les Brewer
Dean Iderathernot

 In between laying down the voice tracks for this film, he built two satellite trucks from scratch out of two used humvees. Les has worked in just about every hot spot in the world. When there is not a pissing match going on between GW Bush and Saddam Hussein, he is happily based in London. This is Les’ first foray into acting.

Dan MacCannell
Col. Michel de la Petit Mort

Dan was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1971. After leaving school at fifteen, he studied modern history at Birmingham University, England, Cornell University, and the University of California (where he finally obtained his B.A. in 1991). He enrolled in UCLA’s Graduate Screenwriting Program in 1995. MacCannell’s screenplays have won the Jack Nicholson Screenwriting Prize, the national Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellowship, and the Harmony Gold Award for Excellence in Screenwriting. MacCannell’s feature film "Henry the Tenth", a darkly comic ‘epic punkumentary’, written entirely in iambic pentameter, about the violent overthrow of the House of Windsor, premiered at MethodFest in Burbank, CA in April 2003. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Aberdeen University in Scotland.

Jake Ethan
Saddam Hussein’s double

 Jake is a television news producer and entertainment reporter based in Los Angeles. His job frequently demands that he spend long periods of time in South America, covering stories. Jake is fluent in Japanese and has interviewed countless celebrities, his favorite being Anthony Hopkins.  In his spare time, he enjoys acting/writing/producing/directing short films and sketch comedies.  For the role of Saddam’s double, Jake stuffed hardened bagels into his mouth to puff out his cheeks.  Although he has never eaten a bagel since, he enjoyed the part.

Sam Ambler
Osama B. Laden

Sam is an accomplished poet who is currently working on rewriting the Bible in verse. He is also a founding member of two theatre companies, the Bureau of Western Mythology in Palo Alto and Bay Theatre Collective in Berkeley, where he acted, directed, designed sets and posters. He danced for three years with the Creative Dance Workshop in Palo Alto and also delivered singing telegrams for Western Union from San Jose to San Francisco for three years. He sang baritone with the Temescal Gay Men’s Chorus in Berkeley for eight years and the Pacific Chamber Singers in San Francisco for four years. Sam worked for fifteen years as the Office Manager of Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and then as the Office Manager at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles before moving on to Actors’ Equity Association as Executive Assistant to the Western Regional Director. Sam co-stars in Dawn Westlake's latest film, THE PAWN, and also wrote the poem "The Pawnshop" (c)1987, upon which the film is based.



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