Don Westlake, Dawn Westlake


A LIFE OF DEATH is playing at:

The Portobello Film Festival, London, England, 12/2003

Rotterdam Film Festival, UnAmerican sidebar, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1/2004

DC Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC, 3/2004, GRAND JURY PRIZE

Ashland Independent Film Festival, Ashland, OR, 4/2004

Iowa City International Documentary Festival, Iowa City, IA, 4/2004, SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

Kansas City Jubilee of Film, Kansas City, KS, 4/2004

DiGit Exposition, Delaware Valley, PA, 4/2004

River Run International Film Festival, Winston-Salem, NC, 4/2004

Artivist Film Festival, The Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 4/2004, SPIRIT AWARD FOR BEST SHORT

"Arts Central" program, MediaCorp TV12, Singapore, 4/2004-4/2006

MAFIA Documentary Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 5/2004, NOMINATED: BEST DOCUMENTARY

Amnesty International Film Festival, West Hollywood, CA, 5/2004

NewFilmmakers Spring Series, Film Anthology Archives, New York City, NY, 5/2004


Home Film Festival, New York City, NY, 6/2004, HONORABLE MENTION

Iowa City International Documentary Road Show, six cities in Iowa, 6-8/2004

Pesaro International Film Festival, Pesaro, Italy, 6/2004

Singapore International Documentary Festival, Singapore, 6/2004

GenArt Ignite Series, New York City, NY, 7/2004

ZEBRA Poetry Film Awards, Berlin, Germany, 7/2004

Reel Venus Film Festival, New York City, NY, 7/2004

Avanca Film Festival, Avanca, Portugal, 7/2004

Sacramento Film & Music Festival, Sacramento, CA, 8/2004

GenArt Ignite Series, Los Angeles, CA, 8/2004

The Portobello Film Festival, StoptheWar! sidebar, London, England, 8/2004

Situational Awareness, benefit for, Los Angeles, 8/2004

The Gadabout Film Festival, 40-city U.S. tour, 8-11/2004

Film Blitz, Repugnican Short Film Convention, New York City, NY, 9/2004

Rome International Film Festival, Rome, GA, 9/2004

Post 9/11 Film Festival, Staten Island, NY, 9/2004

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Birmingham, AL, 9/2004

Amnesty International Film Festival, Salt Lake City, UT, 9/2004

Progressive Film Festival, Wheaton, IL, 9/2004

West Chester Film Festival, West Chester, PA, 10/2004

Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA, 10/2004

Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT, 10/2004

Hot Springs International Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs, AR, 10/2004

Ojai Film Festival, Ojai, CA, 10/2004

United Nations Association Film Festival, Palo Alto, CA, 10/2004

Tarfest in Hancock Park at LACMA, Los Angeles, CA, 10/2004

More Than Moore, traveling peace film installation, Rochester, NY (& others), 10-11/2004

Fano International Film Festival, Fano, Italy, 10/2004, SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht, Holland, 11/2004

XII Festival Chileno de Cortometrajes, Santiago de Chile, 11/2004

Beirut International Documentary Film Festival, Beirut, Lebanon, 11/2004

United Nations Film Festival (touring), San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 11/2004

Ljubljana International Film Fest, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 11/2004

Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, FL, 11/2004

Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio, Siena, Italy, 11/2004

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, 11/2004, NOMINATED BEST FILM

Last Frontier Film Festival, Anchorage, Alaska, 12/2004

Voicing Silence Documentary Film Festival, Bangalore, India, 12/2004

Tiburon International Film Festival, Tiburon, CA, 3/2005

Tehran International Animation Festival, Tehran, Iran, 3/2005

Cleveland International Film Festival, Cleveland, OH, 3/2005

Davis Film Festival, Davis, CA, 4/2005

Signes de Nuit, Paris, France, 4/2005

Peace Jam Film Festival (touring the U.S. with KidsFirst! Organization), April 2005-April 2006

Tela Viva Movel Expo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4/2005

ExXiment, Goethe Institute, Rome, Italy, 4/2005

Austin Public Library, Austin, TX, 6/2005

Houston Children's Museum, Houston, TX, 6/2005

La Crosse Children's Museum, La Crosse, WI, 6/2005

Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, TN, 6/2005

Louisiana Children's Museum, New Orleans, LA, 6/2005

UPN-TV's Indie Film Cafe, Detroit, MI, 6/2005

Amnesty International USA Campus Film Festival, multi-city tour, 6/2005-onward

Cinema Center, Fort Wayne, IN, 7/2005

Plymouth Independent Film Festival, Plymouth, MA, 7/2005

Lucania Film Festival, Pisticci, Italy, 7/2005

New Screen TV, Orlando, FL, 8/2005

ICTE, New York City, NY, 8/2005

Explora Theatre, Albuquerque, NM, 8/2005

Concorto 2005, Pontenure, Italy, 8/2005, NOMINATED FOR AUDIENCE AWARD

Dokufest, Prizren, Kosovo, 8-9/2005

Cinema Literature Festival, Rome, Italy, 9/2005

Six Degree Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 9/2005

Bend Film Festival, Bend, OR, 9/2005

Golden Lion Film Festival, Manzini, Swaziland, 10/2005

High Falls Film Festival, Rochester, NY, 11/2005

Visionaria 2005, Siena, Italy, 11/2005

Corti d'Inverno, Pontenure, Italy, 12/2005

PINE Film Festival, Portland, OR, 1-2/2006

New Screen TV, Houston, TX, 1-3/2006

Kish Island Documentary Film Festival, Kish Island, Iran, 2-3/2006

Sousse International Film Festival, Sousse, Tunisia, 3/2006

MediaWoman Film Festival, UGC Cinemas, Rome/Turin/Rimini, Italy, 3/2006

Concert for Peace, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL, 3/2006

New Screen TV, Dallas, TX, 3-6/2006

National Assoc. for Poetry Therapy Conference (featured short), Boston, MA, 4/2006

Lenola Film Festival, Lenola, Italy, 5/2006, BEST FILM SCORE & THIRD PLACE FILM

Long Island Film Festival, Glencoe, NY, 5/2006

Mountainfilm, Telluride, CO, 5/2006

Ellensburg Film Festival, Ellensburg, WA, 10/2006

Amnesty International, Univ. of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, 10/2006

Holland Animation Film Festival, "Actual Statements & Reflections" series, Utrecht, Holland, 11/2006

12th Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, NC, 11/2006

World Performing Arts Festival, Lahore, Pakistan, 11/2006

Frozen River Film Festival, Winona, MN, 1/2007

Mountainfilm on Tour, touring worldwide, 2006-2007

Rwanda Film Festival, Kigali, Rwanda, 3/2007

PA Festival of Films, Pennsylvania Film Institute, Slippery Rock, PA, 4/2007

Malta Arts Festival, Rabat, Malta, 5/2007

Johnstown Film and Wine Festival, Johnstown, PA, 7/2007

Portobello Film Festival, London, UK, 8/2007 (part of Dawn Westlake retrospective)

Sadho Poetry Film Festival, New Delhi, India, 10/2007

Silver Wave Film Festival, Fredericton, NB, Canada, 11/2007

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 11-12/2007

University Art Museum, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, 12/2007 (featured exhibit)

Artivist Film Festival at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 2/2008

Neum Animation Film Festival, Neum, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 6-7/2008

Sadho Poetry Film Travel Fest, 20 locations, India, 8/2008 (translated into Hindi)

Un Film Per La Pace, Gorizia, Italy, 6/2009, CIRCUITO SCUOLE AWARD

My Hero Short Film Festival, Laguna Beach, CA, online ongoing

Romapoesia Film Festival, Rome, Italy, 11/2009

DOCartoon, Pietrasanta, Italy, 9/2011


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