“This film is a beautiful achievement and so important at this time. Donald Westlake performs his very poignant poetry brilliantly. I will be very interested in seeing your next film!”

Michael York, award-winning actor, Los Angeles, CA

"Fantastic work! Well done!"

Matthew Modine, actor/director, Millbrook, NY

“It's 6am right now, and I just finished watching your film again, and I'm bawling my eyes out.  It is with great pleasure that I invite you to screen in our Ignite Series…your film NEEDS to be seen and should strike up some serious conversation amongst our guests.”--Jeff Abramson, Film Division Director, GenArt, New York City , NY

“We found your film to be extremely pertinent and well-suited for our festival, and we feel strongly that the audience will be captivated by your work.”

Jasmina Bojic, United Nations Association Film Festival, Palo Alto, CA

"A LIFE OF DEATH is stunning and well executed. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I had a lump in my throat as I watched. The poetic voiceover by your dad, animation, editing and music were all wonderful."

Kristos, AIFF, Ashland, OR

"This film is so moving! I was crying while I watched. Keep up the excellent work! Congratulations!"

Anne Ramsay, actress ("Mad About You", "Underground", etc.), Los Angeles, CA

"Dawn--do you see how amazing this is? When artists like you create art based on actual events...strangers like us, across seven seas, feel it...Thank you!"

Sadho Poetry Film Festival Team, New Delhi, India

"LOVED your film! I want to know all your secrets with that technique with the photos. It was better and more tastefully used than in “The Kid Stays in the Picture”, and I applaud you! Great meeting you, and I hope our paths will cross again soon!"

Rick McKay, Director/Producer, "Broadway: The Golden Age ", New York City, NY

"This poem is stunning!"

Carol Marin, reporter, WMAQ-TV (NBC), Chicago, IL

"I really liked the technique as well as the message in A LIFE OF DEATH. I wish you luck in everything you do."

Mohamad Hashem, Manager/Founder, Beirut Int'l Documentary Festival, Beirut, Lebanon

"The applause was loud and long for A LIFE OF DEATH here in Birmingham. It is important to note that that theatre holds 1,000 people...and it was full!"

Joan Hinkle, Birmingham, AL

"This film is extremely beautiful and well-crafted. The 3-D effects on the photos are amazing."

Davide del Degan, actor/director, nominated for the Donatello 2004 (Italian Oscar) for Best Short Film and winner of the Globo d'Oro 2004 (Italian Golden Globe), Trieste, Italy

"You and your father have validated the notion that it's okay to be from Wheaton (Illinois) and not be pro-war!"

Kathy Slovick & Amy Tauchman, co-chairs, D.A.W.N. Progressive Film Festival, Glen Ellyn, IL

“I enjoyed meeting you and having our films together at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. Your film has such an inspiring message and was beautifully done. I hope this is the beginning of a long friendship.”

Hanna Elias, director, “The Olive Harvest”, Jerusalem , Israel

"I really enjoyed seeing your film last night at the Egyptian Theatre. Your spin on making an appeal against all wars has inspired me! Wish there was more we could all do."

Diana Giorgiutti, SFX producer, "The Matrix" (, Los Angeles, CA

"I thought this film was great. Very compelling."

Don Moseley, producer, Marin Corp Productions, Chicago, IL

Every show we did including A LIFE OF DEATH sold out and the response at the shows was amazing! A lot of film festivals expressed interest in having the UnAmerican sidebar at their venues… After the first Q&A, the audience got into a really heated discussion about politics and organizing and the programmer from Rotterdam said it was the best Q&A he'd been to that year. Thanks so much for letting us include A LIFE OF DEATH.

Ted Passon, The UnAmerican Film Festival, regarding their sidebar at the Rotterdam Int'l Film Fest, Rotterdam , The Netherlands

"I've never seen anything like A LIFE OF DEATH. The 3D photo images are amazing. It's a great project. Well done!"

Susan Koscis, Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC

"A LIFE OF DEATH was brilliant in our festival (in December 2003). We'll programme it again as part of our festival in August."

Jonathan Barnett, Portobello Film Festival, London, U.K.

"In 'A Life of Death' by Dawn Westlake, the filmmaker's father is reading his affecting poem about war, over a series of images of personal and global loss. It is a simple, powerful statement about war's inability to effect lasting peace. Westlake's other contribution to DIGit, an anti-war satire 'Thoroughly Modern Mili', won first place in the Narrative category."

Cass Collins, The River Reporter, May 5, 2004, Narrowsburg, NY

"I really loved this film...the photo special effects were extraordinary...congratulations!!!!!"

Carol Bidault, Exec. Dir. & Founder, DC Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC

I just finished watching A LIFE OF DEATH...what a simple yet profound film. Its message of love and understanding is so important now in the world that we live in today.

Zhang Wenjie, The Substation Centre for the Arts, Singapore

"I was so moved by A LIFE OF DEATH. Donald Westlake was great! What a poignant commentary on war and peace! It really made me think. It's so easy to push war out of my mind because I think it doesn't affect me. On the universal plane, war affects all of us. Thanks for the experience."

Lisa Savegnago, President, Name Plate & Panel Technology, Carol Stream, IL

READ the article published on 9/23/04 in The Wheaton Leader. Click here.

READ the article published on 9/30/04 in The Wheaton Leader. Click here.

READ the interview with Dawn Westlake published on 3/7/05 in the Daily Bulletin of the Tehran International Animation Festival, Tehran, Iran. Click here.

To PURCHASE this film for home viewing, click here.

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