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Article featuring director Dawn Westlake in the ECU Film Festival newsletter, November 2007(PDF)

The Daily Gazette, May 26, 2006 - (PDF Only)

The Reporter, Amsterdam, NY, May 25, 2006 - (PDF Only)

“I think you're a very courageous woman who knows how to put very important ethical ideas into your art. Many progressive Europeans confuse the government of the USA with its people. They put them all together in the same bag and say that America and Americans are all wrong and very simplistic. You are a living example of an American citizen who has the critical conscience and ability to clearly see what is happening behind the government propaganda.”

—Claudia Praolini, co-director, Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure, Italy

"I watched your film and thank you for your engagement (to this topic). 'God's Good Pleasure' is a precious and remarkable work which I am sure will meet with great success."

-Dr. Dick F. Marty, Senator of the European Council, Lugano, Switzerland

"I viewed your film with great pleasure. I especially liked the police photos of the murder victims, and the little movie within a movie that's a sort of commercial for the obscene."

-David Sedaris, author, playwright and NPR commentator, Paris, France

"This film obviously has a political point to make, but beyond that, it's a film that has an even stronger point about humanity. Some of us are political, but all of us are human. Truly great work! I will watch this again and again." 

-J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling celebrity biographer, Los Angeles, CA

"This film is fantastic and brave!"

-Geoffrey Gilmore, Director of Programming, Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA/Park City, UT

“How did you think up this brilliant way of making such a hard message so interesting? This was my favourite submission to the festival (ECU Film Festival 2007, Paris, France)!”

-Paul Anderson, correspondent, BBC Radio (and ECU Festival judge), London, UK

"I have to say your films are the most thought-provoking narratives we've received. I certainly liked them, and I'm glad my Chinese friends did, too! We'll close our festival with 'God's Good Pleasure'."

—Peter Salladé, director, New Beijing Film Festival, Beijing, China

"WOW, you really it took it heavy this time, Dawn!  Heavy and intellectual! Davide Del Degan is great! You put in a brave performance yourself, and really took chances making this film which we don't find much of these days. We can always use more people playing with film and not being afraid of the edge...I assume this one is going to have a lively festival circuit performance like your other films, which find their way around the world.  Good to know that even if the networks and studios are scared, daring Dawn Westlake finds a way.  It was very unexpected to see this film and a nice surprise.  I don't know if you like a lot of French New Wave films, but certainly, there is something reminiscent there...."

-Evan Friedman, Tapelist, NYC

"Fantastic! (God's Good Pleasure) really is your best piece, and shows off exactly what you are capable of...acting, direction and producing...not to mention writing!"

-Diana Giorgiutti, SFX producer ("Matrix", "Australia", etc.), Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA

"I think your film is fascinating!"

-Kim Brizzolara, Hamptons Int'l Film Festival, NYC

"This is a superb production. Firstly, you look great in a film which is handsomely mounted and should both challenge and reward the festival audience." 

-James Hall, Festival Director, Golden Lion Film Festival, Mbabane, Swaziland

"This is a masterpiece! Incredibly beautiful! It's a cautionary moral tale for our times. You and Davide are fantastic!" 

-Fiorangelo Pucci, Fano International Film Festival, Fano, Italy

"This film is fascinating, evocative and well-written and produced. The location is amazing, and Davide is wonderful. This is your best film yet!"

-Ed Rubin, Emmy Award-winning production designer, Los Angeles, CA

"There is a lot of poetry in your pieces which is a great thing...You're also superb on-camera. The camera really likes you, and on top of that, you act beautifully. Your screen energy is interesting. It is erotically charged, yet innocent. Your face is innocent, but your body is not. This creates a good deal of dramatic tension."

-Hoss Fazeli, award-winning filmmaker, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I watched your film last night. It's really cool, and I love the message! The cinematography is beautiful. This movie could change the way Europeans think about Americans..."

-Iñaki Sandoval, composer-jazz performing artist, Barcelona, Spain

"I just watched your film. 3 times. I liked it very much: the lighting, the tone, the intimacy, the pleasure/pain dichotomy...The interior shots are beautiful. It is clear you and the Mosers were dedicated to a look and feel that is very compelling, and you pulled it off.  No surprise, this feels like a European film- the enigma and mystery and spare dialogue.  For me, it all worked. Great work!"

-Darrel Pearce, Special Projects Manager/Programmer, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Ashland, OR

"You do good work. I thought that the premise for the film was good, and the execution of the story was well done as well. The lighting really creates a somber mood for the interior and exterior shots. The music is outstanding.
Your acting and that of Davide Del Degan is quite good. I was drawn into your world right off the bat, and stayed in the film for the duration."

_Ashley Boling, director, MOUNTAINFILM on Tour, Telluride, CO

"We just watched the film, and we liked it very much!!! It's a great idea, a beautiful film, but most of all, the way in which the facts of the story are laid out is wonderful. I really loved the 'filmic' language you used."

-Dr. Fabrizio Salvetti, filmmaker and festival organizer, Lucca, Italy

"The movie stayed with me...I kept thinking about it!  It's really good work, Dawn. It's not something that leaves after the credits roll."

--Jason Luckett, singer/songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

"'God's Good Pleasure' is your very best work, in all departments. What really interested me was how you explored the world of the assassins from their most intimate positions. The script is incredibly beautiful, and I must say that you're an extremely good actress." 

-Ivan Gergolet, award-winning filmmaker, Trieste, Italy

"I've just watched 'God's Good Pleasure', and I'm majorly impressed. What an eccentric, brilliant, adorable short film! So quirky, and seemingly friendly, but with a dark, serious overtone that is just bone-chilling. In the first instance, regarding the soulless love affair, and then, in the final act, the realisation of a global concern, which resonates through the bones. I love the male actor, and of course, your performance was great; very sexy and charming."

-Alex Frayne, award-winning director, "Modern Love", Australia

"You left me speechless. I hope your country's embassy in Macedonia will help me to bring you over here to present this film, and that we'll see you in Skopje very soon."

-Igor Spasovski, director, Film Festival Kota 2023, Skopje, Macedonia

"We would like to program your film into the Cineteca di Rimini with our partner the Fellini Foundation because of its high artistic and technical achievement. We feel 'God's Good Pleasure' will no doubt raise the prestige of our festival."

-Simona Meriggi, artistic director, Amarcort Film Festival, Rimini, Italy



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