”Loved every second of FOUND OBJECTS. I am going to watch it again tonight. Great job. So interesting, Dawn!”—J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling author of celebrity biographies (Michael Jackson: The Magic & the Madness, Elizabeth, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, etc.), Encino, CA, USA

“ FOUND OBJECTS looks great and definitely captured your filmmaking sensibility with the conversation and tone. Great story, too, and I liked the animator angle! Nice touch!”—Jeff Chiba Stearns, Clermont-Ferrand award-winning director/animator, “Yellow Sticky Notes”, Meditating Bunny Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

“ FOUND OBJECTS is wonderful; a good looking film. Quite different in tone to your other work; nice to see different themes being explored. Hope this film travels as well as all your others. Always a good feeling to launch something new!”Phil Lepherd, award-winning director/editor, “The Birthday Circle”, London, UK

“Ho appena visto FOUND OBJECTS. Mi piace tanto (ma davvero tanto)! Sono felice la tua creatività sia sempre alimentata da nuove idee e ti faccio i migliori auguri per tanto successo.”—Alessandra D'egidio, Communications & Marketing Director, Biblioteca di Terni, Terni, Italy

“I was impressed by your reflection on art and life. And I loved the photos of you as Marie Badu!! Although she is only present through pics she is a very fascinating character - for the father/ex- lover, the artist and also for me, the audience. She is a true muse - there are these people who can inspire others so much with their charisma. It's really magic; everybody falls in love with them. And the tragic thing is that these muses often are extremely sad inside. Your film transported this feeling for me.”—Evi Goldbrunner, co-creator of DramaQueen screenwriting software & award-winning director (“I Don't Feel Like Dancing”, “WAGs”), Potsdam, Germany

“E' un film molto interessante; la tematica è intrigante (il rapporto da immaginazione e realtà e il ruolo dell?arte nella nostra vita) ed anche la tua regia è efficace, molto “leggera” con un' ottima fotografia; e anche bel montaggio, la storia scorre in un modo molto fluido, senza sbavature. Complimenti a te, a tutto il cast e la troupe!”
—Claudia Praolini, co-director, Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure, Italy

“El corto me ha gustado mucho, creo sinceramente que está muy bien, me gusta mucho esa mezcla entre la ciencia y la vida real. Me gusta que las películas (cortas o largas) se basen en un buen guión, una buena dirección y una buena interpretación, y tu corto tiene las tres cosas, sin olvidar la puesta en escena y la música. Enhorabuena, de verdad.”Txema Muñoz, KIMUAK- Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain