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Where Babies Come From: Storyboards

I was created by actress/writer/producer Dawn Westlake and animators The Moser Brothers, Tom & Joel. They met here on the internet via mandy.com When Dawn was just a girl, she had a little cousin named Davy Westlake who had a big voice like mine as soon as he began talking (without the magical powers I have), so she wrote a short story about him and then in later drafts, decided to make the main character a little girl...me!
Davy Westlake  
From her short story, Dawn wrote a script which she e-mailed to The Moser Brothers who at that time were living all the way across the US from her in Orlando, FL! They liked it, and said they'd want to be my animators. Here are some of the ways I could have looked...
From those sketches, Dawn found not only me, but also my classmates Brenda and Charlie. Here are some design ideas for the other people in my life: Mrs. McGoogle my teacher; my father; my mother; the snooty ol’ museum curator and others...
The next step was to do storyboards, sketches of the script, frame by frame. Then, the Mosers made what is called an "animatic" of those pictures, marrying the voices of the characters to very basically animated images.
Next, the Mosers did a rough animation where I moved through my world by degrees and angles…and they had to use a lot of yucky math. Finally, the ink & paint stage…

The School Bus

The kitchen

The classroom
The Mosers worked so hard and so fast…I heard them say I gave them a carpa-tunnel! (I’m going to have to look that up…It sounds spooky!)


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