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Picture Book: Stills

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the movie:

Here I am! A little girl in a big world.
Don't worry. You'll soon get my "two cents"!
Stand back! I've got something to say!
My parents took me to the art museum. People express themselves here through paint, ink, clay, marble, film...it's wonderful!
I was just saying how much I liked the art, but this lady who works at the museum said I was expressing my feelings too loudly.
The problem at the museum gave me an idea for an experiment...
This is my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. McGoogle.
This is me and my friend Brenda. That boy who jumped into the picture is Charlie Barton. (Between you and me, I think he puts too much sugar on his cereal.)
:This is my friend Brenda. She has the tiniest voice in the world. Here, she's watching Charlie hover over our heads. (I'm not kidding you! That boy eats too much sugar!)
We went on a field trip to the train station. This was taken just before I had to use my voice like I've never used it before!
Spaghetti and chocolate milk. Yummy! That's my favorite meal. I get to have it on my birthday and when I'm particularly good...like today!
I saved somebody's life today, and I still have to do homework?!


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