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Read the review from School Library Journal, January 2003

It (Dottie: The Little Girl with the Big Voice) was charming! It reminded me of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer which makes enormous contact with the public. A perceived sense of inadequacy becomes a life-saving gift. Ultimately, our human race will have to celebrate our basic humanity and to see its diversity as an asset not a liability or an excuse for rejection. Dottie strikes a blow for this new human vision. Congratulations!

Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop (retired), Harvard University lecturer, author/Morris Plains, NJ

"I just loved Dottie. The animation is a scream and the story is a true original. I'm reminded of some of the work of Hillaire Belloc. Now I'm trying to get a copy ( if available) of  your film, 'The Pawn' . I've been hearing loads of good reports about it. As independent filmmakers go, you're up with the best of them."


Steven McGlinchey, filmmaker/musician,  Letterkenny, Ireland


"Dottie is refreshingly free of the prevailing mean-spiritedness in today's culture. Absolutely charming." 


Dan MacCannell, Program Planning, E! Entertainment Television


“This story has a message beneficial to children all over the world, and is something my nieces and nephews will definitely see!”

Jake Wachtel, producer, TBS/Tokyo Broadcasting System (Los Angeles, CA bureau)

Westlake is the mastermind and lead voice behind this extremely funny animated film. You’ll particularly love the character of the irritated elderly teacher (voiced by Tamara Bick) who leads her field-tripping class on a rendition of the classic song ‘Wheels on the Bus’.”

Barry Norman, Turner Broadcasting (and Festival Director, Dahlonega Int’l. Film Fest), Atlanta, GA

"Dottie's capturing the hearts of the world. Your message to young people (and adults as well) is a powerful and timely one! THANKS FOR SPEAKING UP...and keep up the great work!" 

Kristos, Board of Directors, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Ashland, OR

"Dottie: The Little Girl With the Big Voice" is a charming animation where the hero is not only a child but a girl. Full of humor and life it has a valuable lesson for child and adult alike: to remember the power of speaking up."

Catherine Holliss, The Topanga Film Review, Issue 1, Vol 1. August 2002, Topanga, CA

"We referenced Dottie's story to explain the importance of voices, even those from little people, to (Wheaton) City Council. This film is very cool!"

Gary White, Media Manager, City of Wheaton, IL

"We LOVE Dottie. You have created a wonderful character. The kids had to watch it 7 times in a row yesterday (so I hid it today). ;-)" 

Laura Heppert-Heard, mother of two, Atlanta, GA

"Humor goes a long way when you are presenting heavy and controversial stuff. You are so talented and creative! The original girl with the big voice!"

Cheryl Temple, Gender Equity Committee, AAUW-IL, Glen Ellyn, IL

"Love it! This is a real crossover film...just like the big guys. Dottie has her 'stuff' together. This is our programming team's favorite animated film this year."

Craig Prater, Festival of Festivals, Palm Springs, CA

"I really like this film...great animation...I can see how many schools would be interested in buying it."

Gregory Menvielle, President, Pyramedium, Inc., Chicago, IL/Paris, France

"So, the kids want to know when's the next Dottie episode? They love it." 

Mary Lyne, mother of two, Killarney, Ireland

"Dottie is great. Everybody at the festival liked it. My niece (age 11) was really interested in it. Teaching tolerance...such a great task! Everybody's ideal is to respect each other's rights, especially the right to be different! But you already know that..."

Lela Palmucci, coordinator of the Fano International Film Festival, Fano, Italy

"DOTTTIE: THE LITTLE GIRL WITH THE BIG VOICE (USA) by Dawn Westlake. Final film of the day that provided much relief (and laughter) after having to sit through so many serious films. A simple but captivating animated story with interesting characters... with ample humor....... made sitting through all the other shorts seem worthwhile.

Internet review of Singapore Shorts Film Festival by "LCN", Singapore

"Your video 'Dottie' just came, and I sat right down to watch it. It's a jewel! My grandchildren will love it!" 

DiAnne Thomas, DeKalb, IL





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