“I found ‘Covariance’ very, very compelling, very sad, and yet very beautiful, too. Great job. I think, actually, this is your best looking film. It's really stunning. And the acting, of course, great; you and David (Razowsky) have such an easy and awesome chemistry. Another great film from you. You should be really proud.”—J. Randy Taraborrelli, NY TIMES best-selling author of biographies on Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, the Kennedys, etc., Encino, CA, USA

“What a lovely film, very warm. Shows off your wonderful state well. Superb cast too! You must be very proud of this, another great entry into the Westlake catalogue.”—Phil Lepherd, award-winning director “The Birthday Circle”, London, UK

“The fabulous multiple-award winning Westlake does it again. She takes a classic story and puts in her own spin, leading viewers on a journey into their own souls. She and actor David Razowsky draw out the best in each other, creating a true connection onscreen. They make the story seem real and relatable through dialogue, subtle gestures, and creative sound effects such as when they are poverty-stricken and fabricate the sound of a horse they no longer have. The audio is one of the highlights of the film. The sounds of seagulls, the clip-clops of the horses' hooves and the sound of the trumpet help the viewer feel and become part of the experience. Composer Gregory Johnson really captures the mood of the short with the background music. Even though the story is short, there are several twists and turns to keep it interesting. There is even a bit of dark humor thrown in. One of the greatest aspects of viewing this film is that the characters are brutally honest with themselves. It's a lesson we could all learn.” Christine Pollock, excerpted from Independent Films @Suite101, 8/24/2011

“Acabo de ver ‘Covariance', y de nuevo tengo que felicitarte, me parece que de nuevo has hecho un corto arriesgado, no fácil para el público, a tu espectador le pides que colabore con la historia, que ponga parte de si mismo; y eso me parece estupendo, me gustan mucho más las películas que me exigen algo que las que simplemente pasan por delante de mí sin decirme ni pedirme nada. Y tus cortos sí lo hacen, desde luego. Sigue haciendo cortos así, jugándotela en cada uno. Ese es el espíritu.”—Txema Muñoz, programmer, Kimuak, Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain

“Mi è appena arrivato il tuo nuovo film, molto bello, commovente e ricco di autentico pathos!” Fiorangelo Pucci, Director of the Fano International Film Festival, Fano, Italy

“I just finished watching ‘Covariance'. I was blown away. I definitely have to meet the visionary behind this film.” Stephen David Brooks, award-winning director/writer and VFX artist, Los Angeles, CA

“I watched 'Covariance' today. It is really amazing what a special mixture your films are: easy and deep, funny and true, mysterious, too… What a great and lovable couple you and David (Razowsky) are this time. It seems to me that it is so easy for you to make your films. Like 'A.L.I.C.E.', it is difficult to put the mood of 'Covariance' into words. But, it leaves me with a strong, happy feeling inside. It was again a great pleasure to view your work! I'm looking forward for your next one...” Evi Goldbrunner, multiple award-winning   director (“I Don't Feel Like Dancing”, “WAGS”), Potsdam, Germany

"You made a beautiful film. It is my personal honour to have your film at our festival."--Chionidis Panagiotis, director, Patras International Film Festival, Patras City, Greece

"So much a part of the Gold Lion film festival are your movies that it would be strange to mount an exhibition without you.   Once again, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your lovely and charming love story to the Gold Lion Film Festival. 'Covariance' has been chosen as an Official Selection of the 2012 Gold Lion Film Festival, and I don't think you've ever looked lovelier than the two-shot of your and your leading man in the racetrack stands when he proposed to you."--James Hall, director, Gold Lion Film Festival, Manzini, Swaziland