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Darcy Shean


Darcy Shean / BETTY
Darcy is a widely respected television, film and stage actress who’s had featured and recurring roles on hit TV shows like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, MY NAME IS EARL, THE WEST WING, and ALIAS. Currently, she’s best known as “Gloria Massey”, the stepmother of January Jones’ character, on the Emmy Award-winning MAD MEN. Darcy’s feature film credits include ACCEPTED and NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VAN WILDER. In addition, Darcy has appeared in countless television commercials, most recently for Fidelity Investments and V-8.

Joey D'Auria


Joey D'Auria / HAL
Joey graduated from NYC’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has spent his adult life performing and writing for stage, radio, tv and film. Chicagoans (and anyone with cable) recognize him as WGN-TV’s “Bozo the Clown”, a role he played for 17 years, winning 5 Emmy Awards. Since returning to Los Angeles in 2001, Joey has kept very busy with numerous stage roles and voice over work. He also writes scripts for feature films, and live-action, as well as animated, television series.


Katharine Phillips Moser
Katharine Phillips Moser / PRISCILLA
Katharine is a member of Vox Humana Ensemble Theatre in Los Angeles. She’s also starred in several of the Moser Brothers’ award-winning productions. In 2005, she was featured as Tate Donovan’s wife in the Oscar Award-winning GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK directed by George Clooney.


Lovake Heyer
Lovake Heyer / JOSH
Lovake was a Biology major at UCLA before doing some print modeling which opened up some doors for opportunities to act. He trained at Beverly Hills Playhouse where he was also cast in some shows. Since then, he’s been featured in the award-winning TV series MONK and done several short films and features, most recently, MAN EATER (2009), starring Dean Cain.